TAMWA Zanzibar appreciates the arrest of a murder suspect


September 28/2020


TAMWA appreciates the arrest of a murder suspect

Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA), Zanzibar appreciates efforts taken by the community to cooperate with the police force in helping the arrest of suspected assailant Haji Jaha Issa (25) a resident of Paje South Unguja who is allegedly involved in the death of Hajra Abdallah Abdallah (21).

According to the Southern Regional Police Commander, Unguja, Suleiman Hassan Suleiman the police had arrested Haji Jaha on August 1, 2020 in Msisi village, Handeni district in Tanga.

Commander Suleiman said good Samaritans provided information after the suspect asked them for protection so that he could continue to hide but the police force after receiving the information came to the area and ordered him to return to Zanzibar on August 4, 2020 and therefore sent to Vuga High Court, Zanzibar on August28, 2020. His trial is set to resume on October 9, 2020.

“The search and arrest operation became easier for the police force because the community cooperated. Good citizens informed us that the suspect is in Tanga village in Msisi Handeni area, as he was seeking protection after receiving the information, the police arrested the suspect in a few minutes,” Said Suleiman.

It has been about seven months now since Hajra was murdered in Paje Southern region, Unguja on 26/2/2020 as found at 9 pm.

Hajra’s mother, Lela Leo also thanked the people and the police force for successfully arresting Haji who is facing murder charges of her beloved daughter – Hajra, the deceased.

Ms. Lela, a mother, has also asked the law enforcement agencies to deal with the case formidably so that the right to the death of her daughter can be obtained.

In view of the situation, TAMWA ZNZ appeals to law enforcement agencies to ensure that they do justice to the incident in order to uphold the rule of law and end these oppressive acts against women due to their physical make ups.

So far, TAMWA ZNZ has recorded 17 cases of murder of women in Zanzibar since 2016 where out of these cases, only four cases including that of the late Hajra have been brought before the court of law.

According to the information that TAMWA ZNZ has received, the remaining cases their suspects have not yet been brought to court due to incompletion of evidence or suspects remain unfound.

The other three pending cases before the high court in Vuga, Unguja urban west, involve the murder of Wasila Mussa (21), Samira Sultan (56) na Zawadi Paulo (35).

Dr. Mzuri Issa